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man Hugh's axe at work close by, he was afraid to touch her, for fear she should cry out and he should get killed. So he only asked her where she was going. Little Red Riding-Hood innocently told him (for she did not know he was a wicked Wolf) that she was going to visit her grandmother, who lived in a cottage on the other side of the wood. Then the Wolf made haste, and ran through the wood, and came to the cottage of which the child had told him. He tapped at the door.

Who's there?” asked the old woman, who lay sick in bed.

“ It is Little Red Riding Hood, Grandmamma, answered the Wolf in a squeaky tone, to imitate the voice of her grandchild.

“Pull the string, and the latch will come up,” said the old lady, " for I am ill, and cannot open thc door.”

The cruel Wolf did so, and jumping on the bed, ate the poor grandmother up.

Then he put on her nightcap and got into her

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