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thecary's shop has never been ftocked with more drugs, than this " Appeal " is stocked with massacres. They have inserted in it, the bull, " In Cmna Domini," which has never been received in any Catholic kingdom ; and from an old book which was foisted on the public in the beginning of the Reformation, as containing the fees of the Roman chancery, they conclude, that a a Roman Catholic can " sleep with a woman in a church, and commit " there other enormities, by paying nine shil** lings ;" and that " he may murder a man, " and commit incest *, on paying seven shil" lings and six-pence," though shillings and six-pences are English coins, not current in Italy ; and in Catholic countries, the murderer expires on the wheel, and whoever commits incest, or profanes the churches by carnal sins, is burnt at the stake. What is more surprising, Gentlemen, these new apostles of the Gordonian zfficiation, who, to use the words of our old friend, Hudibrass, '

" Their holy faith do found upon
a The sacred text of pike and gun,"

imagine that they are the delegates of Heaven for the salvation of souls: their hands do not brandish the glittering spear on the Americart plains, where D'Estaing and Prevost dispute the laurel ; but, like Samuel, deploring the loss of Saul, their eyes are bathed in tears, and their " bowels yearn for millions of spirits that have " no existence but in the prescience of God," who can pity an error, and forgive it, and who

i VF See the " Appeal from the Protestant Afl'ociations," page 18. Printed by Pasham.


is more concerned in their salvation, than Lord G***** G ***** or Mr. Wefley.

I am afraid, Gentlemen, that you mind your own souls and bodies more than you mind those of others. To rouse you from your spiritual lethargy, and inflame you with some sparks of love for your neighbour, I send you a piece of a sermon taken from the V Appeal " of the associations."

After deploring the " loss of millions of ** common people, who are prohibited from' *i reading the scriptures," (though it were charity to teach them first how to spell), " and " who have souls as infinite, in value and du" ration, as the proudest prelates, or highest " monarchs upon earth,"_they go on : " to, " tolerate Popery, is to be instrumental to the ** perdition of immortal souls now existing, " and of millions of spirits, that at present " have no existence but in the prescience of " God ; and is the direct way to provoke the N vengeance of an holy and jealous God, to

" bring a bring down destruction on our fleets and " armies."* I really imagined that the Protestant associations were not so cruel as to refuse me mercy, and exclude me from the kingdom of Heaven, if I lead an honest, sober, and virtuous life. I am convinced, that several of Admiral Rodney's sailors are Roman Catholics, and that the bullets which told sh well, in mauling poor Langara, were fired by hands that croffied a Po'pzsh forehead. Oliver Cromwell, seeking the Lord, and preaching upon the Sabbath-day, in a leather breeches and buff waistcoat, with his trusty sabre by his side 1', did not scruple to enter into a consoderacy with Cardinal Mazarini, against the Spaniards : it was equal to England which of the two was foremost in the breach, the French dragoon with his lwhiskers, after saying Hail Mary, or the Round-hend with his Ieathcr cap, after groaning in the spirit. Spain lost Dunkirk, and England triumphed.

King William, who, to his honour, could never be prevailed on to violate the articles of Limerick, had six thousand Roman Catholics in his army, when he fought the battle 'of the Boyne: and the Catholics and Pro

it' See the " Appeal from the Protestant Associations," page 18, and cry out, Obane! 0/10'12! obant! 1' See Gregorio Leti, in his Life of Cromwell. testants

testants of Switzerland maintain their independence against all the powers onthe Continent, in consequence of their union. But the Protestant associations, like Ezekial, have swallowed a book in which are written misses, and lamentatiom, and woe ! Already their luminous souls, enlightened by the prophetic spirit, see future times unlocking their distant gates, and pouring forth million: of monsters; and from a desire to procure the salvation of Adam's children, it is to be dreaded, that, at long run, they will imitate the holy fanatics of Denmark, who, in order to procure Heaven for young infants, after being baptized, used to flaughter them in their cradles.

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A S a colour to your disorderly and unwary rantable proceedings, yoli impose on the ignorant by your cant words of 'Uz'oiation of fail/1 with hern-ties. Like Boileau's heroes, you are ransacking old. books, canvaffing legends of exaggerated massacres*, and like scholars, who,


'le In their Appeal they relate thczt a hundred thousand Protestanls were massacred in 1641: at that time there were thirty Catholics for every Protestant, and a hundred

Protestalpts escaped for every single Protestant that perished.


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