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sword is an undistinguishing weapon, were'

even a crucifix tied to the hilt of it. In invad-

ing England, it is the enemy of Spain, not the enemy of the mass, the Spaniards would attack ; were they here this instant, they would not deprive a Protestant of his estate, because it belonged three hundred' years ago to some old Milestan, whose Posterity is now at the plough; it would not be their interest, the the laws of conscienee and. conquest forbid it, and the rivals of England will always find their interest in the poverty and defenceless situation of her subjects'. '

_ In fine, the pope's temporal power has been baffled by the Venetians in their contests with Paul V. And in France, whoever would. argue

in its favour 'would be confuted with a halter,

or galley chain.

According to the canon law, a hundred years prescription in temporals can be pleaded against the Church of Rome. " Contra eccleV sram Romanam valet prascriptio centum an" norum." vA hundred years and more have elapse'd, since no pope has attempted to dispose of kingdoms, or absolve subjects. from their allegiance, though armies have been poured into the pope's territories, and his citiestaken by Catholic princes, Out of his own

states, states, his temporal prerogative is confined to a' palfrey he receives from the king of ANapleQ every year, as a customary homage. The two' late popes have absolutely disclaimed any tem-' poral power over kings. Thus, things have returned back into the former channe'l of primitive simplicity : God ha: his own, and Ccszr his due ; and the two powers which men had confounded, and blended into one Delphian sword, equally adapted to the mi'nistry of the altar and profime uses, are again divided.

In tracing thus the temporal power,' we have

' chosen a medinm between' the enthusiasm of

some Italians, and the' prejudices of their antagonists. The picture drawn by those different painters, is all light or shadow. In resolving it into the grants of kings and civil contracts, prescriptio-n and a colourable title, as its first principles, we prefer the middle tints: and in measuring the portrait by this rule, we give it its due dimensions. v

But in binding the pontiff 's hands, and denying him' any power directly or indirectly in temporals, I solemnly declare that I do not mean to' derogate in the least from his spiritual supremacy. A; vindication of my character calls for this declaration : as two divines of my communion have censured the following passages of the seventh letter to Michael Servetus.

In In mentioning the belief of Rome and Geneva, concerning the immortality of * the soul, &e. I have made use' of the expreffions, " their rule of faith is different : but these fun

'* damentals of religion are' entirely expungedv

" from your ritual." Here I was charged with admitting' the famous distin'ction between fiindamentals and non-fundamentals: but the truth of this chargeJ absolutely deny.

" Let the word, church, be understood of U the collecti've body of Christians," &o. Here again I was represented as a Latitudinarian. But with submiffion to my censors, they mistook my meaning. To allege the authority of the church of Rome, againstawriter who denies it, is to commit a gross fault against the rules of logic. It is a petitio prz'na'pii, or begging the question. If ever they argue in this manner, when the dispute turns 'on articles believed by Christians of all denominations, I believe they would glorify God more by prayer and silence : for a bad argument is an injury to truth.

To some this apology may seem unnecesihry, 'but not so'to me, whose character has been injured by the imputation of a double doctrine : I who am bound not to scandalize a weak brother, and who, were I even the first pastor of the church, should be as docile to her voice, as the last of her children.

A R T.

A R T. VI.

'a AND I do solemnly, in the presence of God, " and of his only Son Jesus Christ myv Re" deemer, profess, testify, and declare, that I " do make this declaration, and every part ** thereof, in the plain and ordinary sense of " the words of this oath, without any evasion, " equivocation, or mental reservation, what" ever ; and without any dispensation already " granted by the pope, or any authority of ** the see of Rome, or any person whatever ; " and without thinking I am or can be ac" quitted before God or man, or absolved of " this declaration, or any part thereof, =al" though the pope, or any other person or " Persons, or any authority whatsoever', shall " dispense with, or annul the same, 'or de" clare that it was' null and void from the " beginning."

This last paragraph excludes amphibologies, evasions, equivocations, and mental reservations' cversive of natural Candour and Christian since= rity,-branded by the pastors of the church with the odious qualifications of ** rash, scan

' _f* dalous, 'Lov A'r T'Y As s s'rt'r a'blct 6? '" dalous, pernicious, 'erroneous',' opening" the '* way to lies, frauds, perjury,ian_d contrary' to: " scriptur'e," as may be seen' 'in_'the'catalb'gi1'e of ' relaxed propositions condemned by'pope Innasi

_'cent XI, and the clergy'of France *, and ded

'tcsted by the very heathens : .
== me mihi invifusljþ'ar'itereuffi'fauelbud 'Ora, 'i
a Cuj'us mens 'arme''candr'hriatnlfingiaipshz "
" fatur." - ' '

Upon these principles, the 'C-aitholies 'an 'taken the oath : and on these principles', it can be safely taken. It'propb'se's nothing't'o 'th'eifabl horrence and detestatio'n', butwhat they really abhor and 'detest'z i'tlret'quire's no' proud'rebukwhat is just an'd lawflrh v

But as the 'oa'tli iscorfiplicate, and perplexed * v with a variety of phrase's,-as it minces even a syllable,-and that the letter seems'to elash with the spirit,-it is not surprisrng (if many 'objections 'have been started 'against it;

objections Lfrohs 'the jo*um'ai :

First;' a in swearihg'bo ruþ'paa 'th'e: rue-sea if'

U sion'of the'erowri icth'his maje's'ty's army; U bind myself'to' 'that Ywhieh' there is' aipoffibillty '" a loyal subject the confiitution might not
a have in his 'po'w'ei td performlf', -
*Fþositio 27, irrrei' condemnatas ab lqnoc. XI.
' - ct F Answer-

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