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• ; ■ . CHAPTER I.

Torr Abbey. Cap of Liberty. Anecdote of English Prejudice. — '• • Fire Ships. Southampton River. Netley Abbey.

It was a circumstance, which will be memorable with me, Chap. as long as I live, and pleasant to my feelings, as often as I _ recur to it, that part of my intended excursion to the Continent was performed in the last ship ot war, Which, after the formal confirmations of the peace, remained, of that vast naval armament, which, from the heights of Torbay, for so many years, presented to the astonished and admiring eye, a spectacle at once of picturesque beauty, and national glory. It was the last attendant in the train of retiring war.

Under the charming roof of Torr Abbey, the residence of George Cary, esq., I passed a few days, until the Megasra was ready to sail for Portsmouth, to be paid off, the commander of which, captain Newhouse, very politely offered to convey my companion, captain W. Cary, and myself, to that port.

In this beautiful spot, the gallant heroes of our navy have often found the severe and perilous duties of the boisterous ele-1 mcnt alleviated by attentions, which, in their splendid and cordial display, united an elegant taste to a noble spirit of hospitality.

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