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Marphy grounds, and ftagnant waters, en- de Calonne's address to the public, 361.

qui.y concerning the diseales proceed. Her card, co the Monthly Reviewers,

ing from them; a prize queflion, 696. 375.
Malfillin, Bp. anecdotes relating ro, 570. Mountains, observations on barometers for
Mary, Rev. Mr. his pofthumous sermons measuring their height, 32.

publilhed, 224. Three of them found Music. See Cavallo.
to have been transcribed from Arch.
bishop Secker, 225.

NADIR Sbab, his character, 700. Cruel
Maucrux, M. his lines on a girl who died ad of justice done by him, ib.
of the green fickness, 582.

Napier, the logarithmetician, account of
M Cullocb, Mr. his improved sea-com-

his life and writings, 232.
pafes, 448.

Naw Teflament, Greek MSS. of, critically
Mecbanics, new inventions in, 25.

collated, in order to complete and ascer.
Meerman, M. de, his prize Ciscourse on tain the various readings. See Grief-

the bett means of encouraging patriotism bacb.
in a monarchy, without weakening the Nicbolson, Ms. W. bis description of a
power of execution peculiar to that tpe. new electrical instrument, 296.
cies of government, 608.

Noaille, Mr. his estimates relative to Gilk.
Milman, Dr. poetical compliment lo, 393. winging, 25.
Mine al waters, experiments on those of N El ambulation, remarkable case of, 637.
Aix-la-Chapelle, 231.

Nunconformiiy to church establishments
Mineralogy, a new lyftem of, recom- zealously defended, 368.
mended, 31.

Novellist, his office compared to that of
Mirabaud, M. de, a great admirer of the Preacber, 6o.

Italian literature, 579. Not the author

of the System of Nature, ib.
Mirabeau, M. charged with having li. O4K; remarkable plantations of, 18.

Oaibs, judicially taken, their importe
belled the characters of the present Em- ance, 282. Abuse of, from their too
peror of Germany, and the King of greac frequency, and irreverent manner
Prussia, 692.

of administering, ib. See also Perjury.
Mobammed I1, Emperor of the Turks, his Ode to the cuckow, 72.

high character as a toldier and conqueror, Oclopbagus, case of a ichirrhous one, 481.
214. Affecting story of his Empress Oliver, Abté de, some account of, 582.
Irene, ib.

Olla Pedrida, by whom written, 136.
Moncrif, M. character of his writings,

Extracts from, 137.
583. Specimen of his poetry, trans. Orang Outang, his pretensions to huma.
Jaceit, 584.

niiy examined, 685. In what respects
Monro, Mr. the original projector and fimilar in his form to man, or anatomi.
promoter of the Olla Podrida, a periodi.

cally different, ib,
cal work, 136. Specimens of his oJa Capitis, case of a caries of the, from
composition, 137.

cmpoture to cold air, 693.
Montesquieu, president, bistalent for poetry,

575. Specimen of, translated, ib. His PAPER, made from the bark of willow,
Temple of Gnidus characterized, 526.

twigs, 24:
Morgan, Ms. on the probabilities of sur. Parian Chronicle, antiquity of, investi.
vivorship?, 141.

gated, 38.
Morocco, account of the present fituation, Palli ns, their influence on the body, 81.

productions, and iphabitants of that Parriotism. See Meerman, De la Cour.
country, 323.

Siate of knowlege Pauw, M. de, corrected, in regard to a
among the people, 326. Account of charge brought by him against Dr.
the Emperor Sidi Mahomel, 327.

Gillies, 262,
Moes, his account of the creation ad. Pearson, Dr. the inventor of a new media

justed to modern philosophy, 112. His cine--the pbosphorared soda, 376.
character, as a lawgiver and moralist, Percival, Dr. his exper. on the solvent
taken as the subject of a new publica- powers of camphor, &c. 476. See also
tion, by a French writer, 164.

morals of, a book for beginners in

cautions and remarks relative to
learning Italian, 642

pulmonary disorders, 481.
Motte, Counters de la, her charges against Perjury, on account of its enormous and fa.

M. de Calonne, 267. Her address to tal consequences, worthy of dearb, 283.
the public, 268. Her memoirs, in Peter, Czar of Muscovy, anecdotes reia-
juftiñcation of berseit, relative to the tive to, 131-134.
Itfairs of the Q. of France, the diamond Planicians, ancient, ex!ent and advan-
necklace, &c. 209. Her seply to M. tages of their irade, 35.




Pblogifion, Dr. Priestley's observations re- gard to the local residence and patora

Talive to the decor.portion of, 297. history of mad, 678.
Pickering, in Yorkshire, state of heibandry Queries relative to the proper conduâ of

in tbar diftriet, 97. Cifterns there, how this country in regard to foreign poo
contrived, 100. Pooli, how made re- litics, at the present jundure, 544.
tentive of the water, 101, Foffil marle
there, Vegetables cultivated RAMEL, Dr. obtains the second prize
thers, 103.

medal, given by the R. S. ct Met,
Planié, M. bis treatment of a caries of at Paris, for his answer to their incuin
the clar capiris, 693.

concerning the diseases proceeding from
Plants cultivated in the gardens near ftagnant waters, and marthy ground,
London, description of, 640.

Pole, Mr. account of a remarkable spar. Rietum, schirro contraéled, observaticas
modic affection from the puncture of a

on, 476.
pin, cured by the liberal use of laudanum, - case of a stricture of the reales,
282. Of several phenomena in the 481.
body of an intant prematurely born, 483,

obr. on singular contraâions of,
Poland, the scu:hern part of, a wretched 695.

scene of poverty and desolation, 597. Revelarioni, ch. ix. v. 15. applied to the
Preference given to Voihinid, ib.

Tuik ih empire, il;
Polifs Partition illufrated, by Go:lieb Reviewers, Monthly, Cri'o's letter 3,

Panimuuzer,” a work fo entieled, mila concerning M. de Pauw's attack on Dr.
take concerning the real author, by the Gillies's History of Greece, 262.
K. of Prutlia and M. de Voltaire, 633.

Fer other letters, tee Liramine
Mir, Lind not the writer, ib.

Da'e, Wiili, Bidlant, Canes des
Portugal, that country depraved by the Mure, and Mi'Caujlard.

é ad influence of its religion, 10. Delo Riedes, present miserable state of that
potic government of, i.

once flourishing inard, 380.
Pirates, culture of, in Yorkshire,'oq, Riley, Mr. his inveations relative to
Pregnancy of women, hints relative to the

watch-work, 25.
management of, in certain cases, 482. Rickar dll. K. of England, MS. account
Priefoley, Dr. his additional exper. and of the death of, and of events preceding

observations relative to acidity, &c. that catastrophe, in ine K. of France's
297. His opinion of inflammable and library, 606.
dephirgitticated airs water, 111. K. of England, bis character
controverted, 398.

vindicatec, 125.
Prirces, remarks on the education of, 412. Richarajon, Profeflis, bis essay on the
Prize medals distributed by he Royal So- dramatic furm of bistorical compofition,
ciety of Medicine at Paris, 695.

Prztpra, the late King of, his military Rudd, Mrs., her quarrel with Lord Raw

career, 430. His Corfide: ations on ebe don, 83.
Srate of ise Euro; ean Republic, 433. Rufet, Mr. Jere, bis ftatement of the
Other literary productions of this price, purity of the Bombay alkalı, compared
436. His correspondence with M. for- with other al.s, 23.
dan, 626. His friendship and quar:el

Thomas, specimen of his agree.
with Voltaire, ib. The Berlin edition

able poetiy, 331;
of his posthumous works cenfured, on Ruijia, 'view of the importance of the
account of omillions, and another edi. Irade between that country and Great
tion in 13 vols. preferred, as lupplying Britain, 541–544.
those omiffons, ib. His majesty's seem-
ing reconciliation with Voltaire, 631. SABBATH, the religious observance of,
Their correspondence a lini ular medley how far a Christian duty, 344.
of wit, urbani'y, and fcurrility, 632. St. Pierre, Abbe de, bis amiable charac.

presen: King of, flanderously re. ter, 570. His averfion to despotils,
presented, in point of character, 691. 571. Expelled the French academy,
Defended, ib.

on account of the freedom of his polie
Pilney, Di. case of extraordinary en. tical sentiments and writings, ib. His

Jarvement of the abdomen, from an death, compared, by himself, to a jous.
encytted tumour, 480.

ney into the country, ib
Pundnámeb, a compendium of ethics, Salivation, not prevented by a determina.
from the Perfian of Saci, 701.

tion of the humours to the fin, 2;C

Solm, Rhingrave de, bis menoir in justi-
QUADRUPEDS, gengraphical history fication of himself, relpe@ing his crae
of, in a comparative view, with ree cualion of Utrecbit, 624.


way, ib.

Scarpa, M. his obf. on an aneurism of Temperament of musical instruments. See
the arch of the aorta, 694.

Scbirrbo-contracted rectum, obl. on, 476. Terrallon, Abbé, his fingular charafler,
Scbirrbous induration of the membranes of 573. His lots of memory, 574. When
the stomach, case of, 694.

dying, refers the priest o his house.
Scriplure, sacred, fingular hypothesis rel. k-eper for á confeffion of his fons, ib.
to the figurative language of, 403.

Tiranus, cured by electricity, 479.
Scurvy, luças a remedy for, 695. Tbiery, M. his suggestions relating to the
Sea.compass, improvement of, by Mr. frvation and circunftances of the Jews,

M'Culloch, 448. Experiment made in order to render them more happy in

wish, by order or the Admiralty, 449. themselves, and more vieful to the
Sbajtsbury, Lord, pleasing story relating como unity at large, 662.

ir, his timidity as a pub ic fpeaker in Timber trees, large plantations of, in va.
the mouse of lords, 315.

rious parts of England and Scotland, 19.
Sbo : band, observation on, 70.

Remarks on the annual growth of trees,
Sbe wen, Mr, his account of the schirro. 303.
con racted rectum, 473.

of the Tenouea unusual affections of. See Huges. of emetic tartar, used externally, Trade, and commerce, principles of, with
482. Of arsenic, applied in the same segard to political regulacions, com.

pared, 417

View of the importance
Silesia, present abject fate of, under the of the commerce of this country with
Pruffian government, 196.

Ruilia, 641.
Sims, Dr. his Greek MS. on the hydro- Transfiguration of Christ, opinions relative
phobia, 473.

to that miraculous transaction, 459.
on the cure of the jaundice by bath. Troy no: taken by the Greeks, 520.
ing, 481.

Trüblet, Abbé, anecdo:es relative to, 583.
Slavery, of the negroes, arguments and Tumour, in the abdomen, cale of ont, of
cautions relating to, 661.

56 pounds weighit, 480.
Sleep-walking, &c. remarkable case of, Turks, not lo i nosan and illiterate as we

generally suppose, 665. Account of
Solar orbit, memoir concerning the ele- their literature, 666, Puffelled of many
men's of, 638.

learned manuscripts, ib. Sciences and
Soldiers, oeans of preserving their health ajts cultivated by them, 668. Their
in warm climates, 228.

books, 670 'I heir colleges and acade-
Sonnet to evening, by Mrs. Smith, 465. mies,673. Public libraries, 674. Their
Soulavie's hift. of France. See Wegwelin, exercite of the art of printing, 676.
Spine, distortions of, how remedied, 180.
Stair, Earl of, anecdoie rel. to his laud. VAN MARUM, Dr. his late improves
able conduct in private life, 3'5.

ments in electrical machinery, 602,
Stars, fixed, plan of a new arrangement Van Troeffwyk, M. his application of
or cloflification of, 358.

electricity to medical purposes, 658.
Stomacb, account of a Ichirrous indura. Vaugban, Dr. cale of vomiting in piega
tion of the membranes of, 694.

nancy, fuccesfully treated, 478.
Storm, the great one, in 1703, dreadful Virgil, his descrip'ion of the Rumam
effects of, 189.

plough, controversy relative to. See
Strada, bis beautiful verses relative to the Des Carrieres.
nightingale, 'ranNated, 294.

Viscera. See Bail'ie.
Surgery, a system on the art, recommend. Ukraine, Atate of the country, and pone

condition of the inhabitants, 598.
Survivorships. See Morgan,

Character of the Cofsacs, ib. Zaporo-
Sweden, curious account of the mines of kuians, some account of, ib. Story of
jron, copper, and filver, in that king-

the execrable Gouda, 599.
dum, 617-619. Their produce esti Ulyfjes, bis character, as drawn by Homer,
mated, ib. Comparison of that king- 137.
dom with Denmark, 620. The preient Vomiling, in pregnancy, by what means
political fate of Sweden, 622.

successfully created, 478.
Symé, account of that isanu, 380. Curie Volaire, his life of Peter the Great, de-
ous instances of the superstition of the fects of, 135. Attacked for his in-
Greek Sailors, 381.

fidelity, 2*0. His correspondence with

the late K. of Prussia, 627. His quar-
TACITUS, his writings critically appre. sel with that monarch, 60. Seeming
ciated, 424.

seconciliation between them, 631.
Tertar emeric, effects of, by external Their correspondence a strange medley
absorption, 482.

of wit, folly, and licentiousnels, 632.

ed, 13

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Uterus, case of, lacerated by the force of Wbiskey, exceffively drank in Ireland, 6..
labour pains, 478.

Pernicious consequences of, ib. Re

medy proposed by encouraging tbe ps.
WALKER, Mr. his experiments on ter brewery in that country, ib.

the production of artificial cold, 301. Wbile, Mr. his extenfive plantations of
Walker, Dr. his observations on the atro- timber-trees, 18.
phia laetantium, 476.

Dr. his account of a patient who
Walter, M. his memoir on aneurisme, discharged the pupa of muíca cida,
654. On the diseases of the heart, 477

William Jll, K. of Eagland, his lacock
Ware, Mr. case of a suppression of urine, speech to parliament, 311. Redeco

tions on his death, 313. Summard
Waring, Dr. on divisors, 143,

great and good actions performed by
Water, Dr. Priettley's experiments re. bim, to the lafting advantage of this

lative to the decomposition of, 297. kingdom, ib.
See allo Flogi?on.

Will's, Mr. his correspondence with the
Dr. Blagden's experiments on Reviewers, relative to an error in their
the effect of various substances in account of the preparation of asid ei
lowering the point of congelation in tartar crystallized, 287. Allo relative
water, 300.

to an easy method of procuring fale of
operation of water in drowninę, tartar from the caustic vegetable a ka,
303. The opinion of Dr. Priestley, &c. ib. Referred to, as the preparer
selative to ine composition of water, of Dr. Pearson's pbo pberated jeda, 176
oppared, 398. Efficacy of cold water, Windischgräz, Count, his prize probler,
applied to the extremities, in a case of remarks on, to thew the improbabaky !
obftinate constipation of the bowels, of a satisfactory folution of it, 651.
478. Exper, to determine the invaria. Wir bip, of an cocyfied dropls,461.
bility of the heat of boiling water, 653, Wool, laws, customs, and duties, relatieg
See, farther, under Albard.

to the exportation of, in the tine ei
Wetering of meadews, method of prac. Edw. I. &c. 484.

tising it in Glocestershire, 335. Ad-
vantages of, ib. Directions for

per- YATES, Mr. bis new furvey of Lab.
forming it, 336.
Wiguelin, Professor, his account of a Terkshire, face of agriculture, &c. is
history of France, undertaken by the

that county, 97.
Abbé Soulavie, the periods of which
are to be traced backward, after the

ZORNDORFF, remarks of the barte
çxample of David Hume, 651.

cashire, 24.

of, 29.


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