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To the REMARKABLE Passages in this Volume.

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ABDUL KURREEM, Kojeb, his me. Ancelin, M. his obs. on fingular contrace

moirs of Nadir Shah, 699. His cha- tions of the re&tum, 696.
racter of that tyrant, 7°0.

Aneurisms, M. Walter's memoir concern-
Acbard, M. his exper, with a view to de. ing, 654.
termine the heat of boiling water, &c.

of the arch of the aorta, 694
653. His exper. to ascertain the time Angles, new machine for measuring, 25.
required for the cooling of heated bo. Anieres, M. his remarks on the impra.
dies, 654. Exper, to ascertain the ef. bability of a satisfactory folution being
fects produced on atmospheric and other ever given to the prize problem of
airs, by Aacking quick-lime in them, Count Windischgräiz, 651.
ib. On the degrees of heat which so. Annuities. See Morgan.
lutions of different salts acquire in ebul. Arabian Mentor, 641.
lition, 656. On the propo: tion of the Arabs, their character, 600. Their hol.
increase of a given volume of water, lo pitality, instanced in the story of Hal-

the quantity of salts diffolved in it, ib. fan and Ibrahim, 6o1. Their lise
Acbilles, bis character, as drawn by Ho. guage peculiarly fitted for poetical es.
mer, 137.

preffion, ib.
Ack met, Emperor of the Turks, his cha. Army, diseases of, at Jamaica, 328.
racter, 216.

Arsenic, beneficial effe&ts of, by external
Adair, Dr. Successful treatment of an in- absorption, 483.

flammatory constipation of the bowels, Ascaris Lumbricoides, remarks on, 477.
4 So.

Apbaltires, lake of, contradictory accounts
Adam, enquiry whether he or the Orang 'of, by differeat writers, 139.
Outang was the first man, 685.

Atropbia laziantium, remarks on the pre-
Aques, cured by the gummi rubrum afirin. valence of, 476.
gens Gambiense, 478.

Auffin, Dr. his experiments on the forma.
Air. See Cavendish, Austin, Goodwyn, iion of volatile alcali, and on the aff-
Harrington, and Acbard.

nities of the phlogisticated and light
Aix-la-Chapelle,, the waters of it analysed, inflammable airs, 299.

Aikali, native fosil, found in the neigh; BAILLIE, Dr. bis account of a trans-

boushood of. Bombay, 23. Nature and polition of the viscera, 143.
value of, ib.

Banks, the poet, his Albico Queens como
volatile. See Afin.

pared with Mr. St. Jobn' Mars 2.41
A rerica, the discovery of, its influence on Scors, a tragedy, 533

the happiness of mankind, 165. In- Barker, Mr. his register of the barome-
quiry how first peopled, 261. Sun- ter, Thermometer, and rain; with som:
mary view of the laws relative to the

of the annual growth of trees, 303•
United States, 263. History of the Baromeier, conje&tures on some of the
rise, progress, and establishment of their phenomena of, 401.
independence, 442.

Barometers, neceffity of knowing the fico
Ampulation, when necessary in fractured cific gravily with which they are filled,

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limbs, 15. How to be performed, 16. 3%.


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Bavaria, Charlotte Elizabeth Princess of, Cancers, treatment of, 483. Cures to be

her original letters, 151. Her charac- expected from bleeding, ib.
ter, 162.

Candia, description of the ladies of that
Bayford, Dr. his account of a singular case iland, 382.

of obftru&ted deglutition, 480. Canıbarides, use of, in dropical com-
Beaumes, Dr. obrains the third prize me.

plaints, 479
dal given by the Royal Soc. of Medicine Cavallo, Ms. his description of a new
at Paris, for his answer to their question electrical instrument, 296. On the
concerning diseases proceeding from stage temperament of musical instruments

nant waters, and marsy grounds, 696. 146.
Bengal, narrative of transaclions in, from Cavendish, Mr. Henry, his experiments

the Soobadary of Azeem ul Shan, to on the conversion of a mixture of de-
that of Alyverdi Khan, 701.

phlogisticated and phlogisticated air into
Bernoulli, M. Jean, his aftronomical in. nitrous acid, by the electric 1park, 298,

quiries into the longitude of several Cbamberlair, Mr. his remarks on the
places in India, 657.

fulvent powers of camphor, 481.
Beiblebem, objections to St. Matthew's Chauffée, Nivelle de la, account of him,

account of Herod's Naughter of the and of his wirty dramatic writings,
children there, 615.

Bicker, Dr. obtains the first prize medal China, the famines to which that country

given by the Royal Soc. of Medicine at is peculiarly liable, accounted for, 118.
Paris, for his answer to their queftion Particulars relative to the genius and
concerning the diseases proceeding from manners of the people, 121. Their
stagnant waters, 696.

physicians, 122. Doubtful accounts of
Bidlake, Mr. his correspondence with the China, given by the Millionaries, 123.
Monthly Reviewers, 374.

Chinese hemp, culture of, in England, 22.
Blagden, Dr. his experiments on the el. Church, Mr. his remarks on the Ascaris

fects of various substances in lowering Jumbricoides, 477.
the point of congelation in water, 300,

on the case of a patient who dir.
Boilly, M, de, his literary and personal charged the pupæ of Musca Cibaria, ib,
character, with anecdotes of his lite, Gicula, efficacy of, in the cure of an iniere,

mitting fever, 481.
Boore, Mr. his fuccessful practice of the Colberg, remarks on the lege of, 30.
drill husbandry, 21,

Cold. See Walker,
Bofa Abádee, a Negroe King, memoirs Cole, Mr. his edition of Dr. Lardner's
of, 320. His horrid tyranny and cru.

Common Prayer Book, revised, and im-
Boswortb-field, battle of, its great conse. proved by the Americans, for the use of
quences, 124.

ibe Episcopalian churches in the United
Botany, that subject poetically embellished, States, 387. Particular alterations no-

on the Linnean sexual fyllem, 337. ticed, 388. Additions, adapted to Ame-
Specimens of the poetry, from Dr.

rica, 389.
Darwin's beautiful poem, entitled the Commutation Act, remarks on, 277.
Botanic Garden, 338–342.

Conftitution, political, of Great Britain,
Bcubier, Prelident, his literary eminence, plan for its reformation, 352.

573. Remarkable saying of bis, on Copper mines at Fablun described, 617.
his death-bed, 572.

Wonderful scenery, and curious opera-
Brest, account of Admiral Russel's famous tions in those subterraneous regions, 618.

expedition against that place, 309. Corrus, in botany, that genus described,
Baseau, Mr, case of an ileus, with ob. 639. The species enumerated, 640.

servations on an hydraulic machine, Cour, M. de la, his prize discourse on the

principles of patriotism, and the best
Burletra, remark on that species of opera, means of encouraging that virtue in

monarchies, 612.

Craven, Lady, her journey through the
CABBAGE, the turnip-rooted, recom- Crimea, 200. Her description of the

mended as valuable spring food for fountain of Vaucluse, 102. Of Hyeres,
cattle, 21. Method of culture, ib. 203. Of Pisa baths, 2C4. Of Flo-
Calonne, M. de, his controversy with the rence, 205. Of Vienna, and the Empea

Countels de la Motie, 267. Farther tor, 206. Of the King of Poland, 20ʻT.
account, 268.

Journey through part of Russia, 208,
Campbor, experiments on the solvens of Conftantinople, 209. Her invece
powers of, 476.

tive against the Turks, 211,



works, 52

eliy, ib.

Cruelty to living animals, as practiled by Divisors. See Waring.

anatomists. &c. juftly censured, 430. Dixon, Capt. sets out on a trading formie
Cryfals, artificial, how made, 71.

sound the world, 503. Amirei 23
Cuckow. See Jeriner,

Sandwich Ihands, 504. ALO.C#
Culien, Dr. poe ical compliment to, 392. lotte's INards, sob. At China, wat
Cumberland, Mr. his verses to Solitude, 334. valuable cargo of furs ib. Produced

And from Sorades, an Athenian, 410. the sale of his furs, in ebe Cbisele s
A ftri&ture of his on the Rambler com- ket, 509. Some account of Cast:
bated, 411. His reflections on the edu. and of his rise in the maritime is
cation of princes, 412.

Curbberifon, Mr. his great improvement Drill husbandry, successful practice 1, 21.
of electrical rubbers, 604.

Dropsy. See Farr, Letifex, Wirbis,

DALE, Mr. his Correspondence with Drowning, Dr. Goodwyn's obserfaring
the Monthly Reviewers, 373:

on the nature of, and on the recomm
Darien, reflections on the miscarriage of of persons apparently dead by fubae.

the intended Scottish secilement there, fion, 304. Mr. Kite's prize eam a
312. Anecdote relative to that colony, the same subject, 30g.

Du Bos, Abbé, his literary merit cas
Dead Sea, different accounts of, by diffe-

valied, 569,
rent travellers, 139.

Dudley, Rev. Henry Bate, reccvers a cos-
Deaf and dumb, dispute concerning the fiderable quantity of land, from the list,

method of inftructing them. See De by embankment, 21.
ľ E'pée.

Dutcb, their cbaraéter, manners, fore>>
Deborah, Song of, critical remarks relative ment, &c. vindicated, 128.

to the tranllation of, 221.
De Bofib, M. his prize differtation on the E AST INDIES, select views of remak.

beautiful and sublime passages in the able places tiere, drawn by M:.
Greek and Roman poets, 636.

Hodges, 271. loquiry in!o the fixa
Debe, imprisonment for, highly disap- tion of the Eat India Company, 347,

proved, 167. Injurious to the state, Inquiries concerning the longitused

the creditor, and the debtor, 168. several places in India, 657. Trasla
Debis, national, advantages ar.d disadvan. tions of several Perhian hiftories, ka

tages of, s. Productive of the most relative to Hindoftan, 697, er jeg:
evil consequences, 415.

Electricity, application of, to phybos ad
Deglutition, ob fructed, singular and fatal medicine, 658. See also Catalk, N-
case of, 480.

cholson, Huli binson, Van Marve, Po
Del' E'p'é, Abhé, his dispute with M, Trooftwyk, Krayerboff, and Caibkonja.

Nicciei, relative to the method vred by Embargoes, doctrine ot, considered, 491.
the Abbé, for enabling deaf and dumb Emperor (the present) of Germany, E
persons to converse, 651.

character freely and unhandsomely to
De Moivre, his docuine of life annuities

presented, 691.
defended, 142

English nation, advantageous character et,
Denmark, some account of that country, by a foreigner, 593.

620. Compared wiih Sweden, ib. Po.
litical fate of, disgrace of Q. Matilda, FALCONER, Dr. on the efficacy of
and ruin of the Counts Brands aod cold water applied in the extremita
Struensee, 623. Character, and un- in the case of an obftinate conftipation
fortuna'e political measures of Count of the bowels, 478.
Struensee, ib.

on the palsy, 480.
Des Carrieres, M. his supposed discovery of Farqubarfon, Dr. Case of a fchirihous efs-

on unique representation of the Roman phagus, 48s.
plough, controverted, 494.

Farr, Dr. On the use of cantharides is
Deftcucbes, a famous French comic poet, dropsical complaints, 479.

anecdote relative to his arrogance and Fearon, Mr. his observations on cancers,
vanity, $75.

Devaud, his remarkable case of noctam- Fenelon's Telemachus translated into Eng.
bularior, 637.

lish verse, specimen of, 394. Criticises
Dickson, Mr. bis letter to the Monthly on, 396.

Reviewers, relative to a gradual aboli- Fernel, Mr. (the actor), his ill treatment
tion of Negroe Navery, 472.

at Edinburgh, 84.
Digitalis purpurca, failure of, in hydropic Fife, Earl of, his great plantations d
cases, 479

timber-trees, 19.


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Forienelle, M. his admirable reflection on 491. His sentiments on the famous

the infinite variety of religious worship parliamentary debate, relative to the
into which the world is divided, 572. doctrine of err bargoes, in 1776, ib.
M. Duclos' encomium on him, 576. His compofition on the sentences of
Various anecdotes relative to this great ecclefiaftical courts in marriage cases,
man, 577. His kind regard for Mari. 493. Other pieces composed by him,
vaux, 580.

and published in the above collection,

, Dr. Anthony, on the efficacy of ib.
the Gummi Rubrum afringens Gambiense, Harringon, Dr. his notions relative to the
in the cure of agues, 478.

composition of water, 398. Maintains
Fouquéraron de la Motte, his great cha- that fixed air is a component part of
racter, 259. His death, 260.

empyreal air, 399. His experiments,
Fractures of bones, how to be treated, 14. 4CO.
France, memoir in favour of the Com- Ilawke, Lady, her nuel entiiled Julia de

mons of, or Tiers état, 664. The rights Gramont, commended, 498.
of the several orders of the ftate investi. Hayes, Mr. cases of unusual affections of
gated, ib.

the tongue, 479.
Fur trade, produce of, in the Chinese mar. Hear of animals, experiments on, 26.

ket, as stated in Capt. Dixon's account experiments to ascertain the times
of his voyage, 507–509.

required for the cooling of heated bodies,
Fyrney, Mr. account of hydatids dis- 654.
cbarged with urine, 483.

Hiart, diseases of, M. Walter's memoir

concerning, 655
E GEORGIAN planet. See Herfbel.

Hebrew poetry. See Herder,
Gillies, Dr, defended against M. de H jerà. See Mursiden.
Pauw, 262.

Helins, Mr. his correspondence with the
Girard, Abbé, his Synonymes François Reviewers, 286.
praised, 373•

Herder, M. his critical display of the spi.
3 God, his juftice defined, 54. His auiho. rit of Hebrew poetry, 643. The Book

rity over his creatures, 55. His glory of Job investigated, 644. The Mosaic
results from obeir perfection, 56.

description of the l'aradilaical ftate, and
EP Goguelin, M. his essay on the scurvy, 695. fall of man, a poetic fiction, 645. The
Sugar a remedy for, ib.

Itrong figurative language of the Pro-
Goodwyn, Dr. his loveltigation of the me. phers, &c. explained and reduced to

chanical and chemical effects of air on probable facts, 647. The Píalms and
the lungs, in respiration, 303. On the Cheir writers confidered, 648.
Nature of the dilease produced by fube Hirod, the account of his cruel Gaughter
merlion, 304. On the recovery of per. of the children of Bethlehem, coniro.
1ons apparently drowned, 305.

verted, 015.
* Gouda, Chief of the Zaporoguian Coffacs, Hersebel, Dr. on the Georgian planet, and

his treacherous and cruel condu&t, 599. its satellites, 144
Grange, M. de la, bis analytical me. Hill, Mr. his new machine for measuring
chanics, 163. His memoir concerning

angles, 25:
an universal manner of integrating Profesor, his essays on the principles
equations, &c. 657.

of historical compofition, 523. His
Greaves, Ms. his account of paper made criticism on the writings of Tacicus,

from the bark of willow 'twigs, 24. 524.
& Green fickness, verses on a girl who died of liindoftan, a Persian history of, transiated
that complaint, 582.

into English, 697.
Griesbach, Dr. his collations of ancient Hinton, Dr. his culture of Chinese hemp,

Greek MSS. &c. in order to complete 22. His method of culture for wheat,
and appreciate the various readings, 23.

Hosper, Mr. case of the uterus lacerated

by labour pains, 478.
HALLE, M. his account of a schirrhous history of a case of cicuta, 481.
induration of the membranes of the

of an hæmorrhage from an ul.
ftomach, 694. Of a fingular degenerate cer, 483.
fate of the kidneys, ib.

Husbandry, and agriculture of the ancient
Hamilton, Dr. bis remarks on the influ- Romans, 194. Management of their
enza of 1782, 483.

flaves, 195. Their expence of labour,
Hargrave, Mr, commended for the publi. 196. Comparison of, with the expence

cation of his colleajon of tra&ts, 484. of labour in our times, and in this
His admiration of Sir Matthew Hale, country, 197. Of the different crops



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tive to; 253:

raised by the Romans, 198. Of their Law, English, history of, 424. Fest!
maxims, general directions to farmers, system discussed, 425.
&c. ib. Their plough, as described by Laws, and customs of countries, geseri
Virgil, dispute relative to, 494.

remarks on, 2. Those of Great Brita's
Huribinjon, Dr. case of a tetanus cured by animadverted on, 586. Confitadat
electricity, 479.

of, high encomiums on, 591.
Hydatides. See Lettsom. See Fynney. Lawyers, cenfured on account of abala iz
Hydrocele, peculiar method of curing, their prachtice, &c. 251. Queries Ica-

Hydrophobia, causes and cure of, discussed, Lectsom, Dr. his history of two cases é

hydatides renales, 476.
Hydrops uteri et ovarii, memoir concern. on the digitales purpurea, apples

ing, 651.

in hydropic cales, 479.

cale of a diseased rectum, fi.
YACQUINELLE, M. his memcir on Levi, Mr. his Lingua Sacra, criticised,
the bydrops uteri et ovarii, 650.

Jamaica, diseases to which the troops Libraries in Turkey. See Teiks.
there are subject, 228.

Library, that of the King of France, ried!
Janisaries, original institution of that ftocked with MSS, in the learned las
formidable class of Turkish soldiers, 213.

guages, 605. Account of some of the
Jaundice cured by bathing, 481.

most considerable, ib.
Jenner, Mr. his natural hiftory of the Lirguer, M. his sceptical examiostion its
cuckow, 145

the method by which the Abbé te
Jews, proposais for rendering their fitua- l'Epée teaches the deaf and damb

tion and circumstances, in France, more converse, 652.
happy, 662.

Lloyd, rev. Mr, his large plantations el
Inflammation, attendant on fractures, how oaks, 18.
to be treated, 14.

Logariibims. See Napier,
Influenza. See Hamillon,

Longitude of several places in India, atra-
Insurance, from losses by sea, or by fire, nomical and critical inquiries cancers:

&c. historical account of, 345. Par- ing, 657.
ticular account of the Amalfitan code Louis XIV. anecdotes concerning, 15.
of rea-laws, ib. Cases of litigated in- his famiiy, &c. 154. The Daubia,
furances, 421.

155. Duke of Burgundy, ib. Dukee
loanna, one of the Comora islands, de. Anjou, 156. Monfieur, 157.
scribed, 273

Regent Duke of Orleans, 159.
Fobnstone, Dr. on the Cynancbe pharyngea, XV, his 'amiable weakneses,' 15

Lucas, Mr. his hints on the managemer:
Irish, their excessive use of whiskey, 62. of women in certain cases of pregately,

Their ancient dress, armour, &c. 217. 482.
Fire-arms, when first known to them, Luxations, directions for the reduction e',

Italy characterised, 595. The people

There confidered as wretched, from the M'CAUSLAND, Dr. his letter to that
nature of the several governments efla. Reviewers, concerning the originality
blished in that coun:ry, ib.

of his hypothefis respecting the

nomena of the barometer, 70%.
KIDNEYS, account of a fingular dege. Macbomocbie, Mr. his hypothefis relating
nerate ftate of, 694.

to the origin of European legislatures

Krayenbeff, Dr. concerned with M. Van 516. His observations on the Appis-

Trooli wyk, in his differtation on the Šaxon and Scottish ciers, 517. 16
application of electricity to medicine and formation from Doomsday Book, 51%.
phyfics, 658.

Maclaurin, Mr. his arguments to proix

that Troy was not taken by the Greeki,
LAMBRE, M. Dey his memoir con-

cerning the elements of the folar orbit, Man, geographical history of, 678. Local

residence of, considered, 683. Diferee
Lardner, Dr. his works, 48. Abstract of characteristics thence derived, 68;

Compared with the make and qualize

Larix, great durability of that kind of of various quadrupeds, 686.
wood, 20.

Marivaux, M, anecdotes of him, asi
Laudanum, remarkable cure effected by, encomiums on his novels and draga,

Law, Will. (the Misisippi schemer), how Marjden, Mr. on the Hejerà, 147;.

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his life, 49

idolized in France, 161.


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