Research Handbook of Global Leadership: Making a Difference

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Lena Zander
Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020 - Business & Economics - 428 pages
This timely Research Handbook brings together a group of internationally renowned scholars to take a fresh look at global leadership, querying in what way leaders, teams, firms, universities and business schools can make a difference in our world today and tomorrow.

Presenting contemporary studies into a vibrant field, this Research Handbook offers empirical, theoretical, critical and pedagogical-based research, placing leaders firmly in their global cultural context. Chapters cover critical issues such as how leaders and teams can understand and incorporate cultural multiplicity, how firms can engage in responsible and inclusive leadership, and how universities and business schools can innovatively educate socially conscious global leaders to have an impact on our future.

Comprehensive and insightful, this Research Handbook is critical reading for researchers of leadership seeking new avenues of enquiry. The broad and multilevel approach to the challenges and demands of contemporary leadership are also valuable for practitioners, business school teachers and students.

Contributors include:M. Alvesson, A.A. Arnardottir, D. Bilton, A. Bird, M. Borecká, L.A. Burke-Smalley, C.L. Butler, K. Daellenbach, A-K. Engstrand, P. Gabaldón , S. Gröschl , J. Herman, C. Holgersson, K. Jonsen, G. Karamustafa, J. Lauring, H-J. Lee, Y-T. Lee, G. Lücke, T. Maak, K. Mäkelä, D. Mazutis, T.C. McCausland, M. Mendenhall, C. Miska, A.I. Mockaitis, F. Moore , L.J. Noval, G. Oddou, J.S. Osland, C. Pahlberg , V.J. Patock, C.L. Pearce, N.M. Pless, L. Romani, R. Seymour, G.K. Stahl, S. Sveningsson, S. Teerikangas, M. Vodosek, G. Vogelgesang Lester, C.L. Wassenaar, C.M. Webster, L. Zander, U. Zander, P. Zettinig, C. Zintel

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Edited by Lena Zander, Professor, Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University, Sweden

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