Reading the Bible with Rene Girard: Conversations with Steven E. Berry

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Jan 14, 2016 - Bible - 196 pages
Reading the Bible with Rene GirardWhen RenÚ Girard introduced the Bible back into conversation with anthropology in 1978, it was all a bit scandalous. Here, for the first time, Girard weaves his life story and that of the mimetic theory with his own faith reflections and interpretation of Scripture. These interviews are a great introduction for the person new to Girard's writings and will delight Girardian scholars and aficionados alike."One of the many gifts of RenÚ Girard is his ability to unfold his theory in interviews...many of these dialogues open new perspectives on mimetic theory. Reading the Bible with Rene Girard is a wonderful example of this" ~ Wolfgang Palaver, Universitńt Innsbruck, Austria, past COV&R President"Reading the Bible with RenÚ Girard is an important contribution both to understanding the Bible as a "work in progress" that continues into our own lives and to introducing the ground-breaking insights of RenÚ Girard on the human condition and the love of God that breaks through to us in the historical process." ~ James G. Williams, Syracuse University, past COV&R President"This is a wonderful introduction to RenÚ Girard's work. Through it one can follow the unfolding of his theory in the context of his life. We are lucky to have this!" Jeremiah Alberg, International Christian University, Tokyo, COV&R President"Very often RenÚ Girard is at his best when he talks freely in a relaxed interview style. Reading the Bible With Rene Girard provides the master of mimetic theory with one more chance to show this strength. It is indeed hearing the master's voice." ~ Niki Wandinger, University of Innsbruck"One comes away from Reading the Bible with RenÚ Girard unable to view the Bible-or the modern world that has been so decisively shaped by it-in quite the same way ever again." ~ George A. Dunn, University of Indianapolis "Clear, conversational, and as always brilliantly insightful. There are few more accessible introductions as this little gem." ~ Jarrod McKenna Australian peace award-winning pastor, cofounder of First Home Project "In this excellent book, you are invited to sit in on a series of conversations with one of the leading thinkers of our time, concerning matters of the utmost philosophical, theological, and practical significance. This is a very important volume indeed." ~ Dr Chris Fleming, University of Western Sydney

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